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4 Simple Steps to Commissioning Music for your Commercial

"Is it troublesome?" "How much does it cost?" "What if I don't get what I want?" etc. etc.

It's totally normal to have questions pertaining to anything in the world, but do the number of questions we have determine the complexity of any problem? GOOD news, the answer is no!

Commissioning music for any purpose shouldn't be difficult. Today, let's get into 4 simple steps to break the ice and start commissioning for your project :)


Step 1: Identify details of project

They include (and are not limited to):

  • Info about the brand or product you need music for

  • Timeline and deadline

  • Where will the video, commercial or ad be showcased/broadcast

  • Budget

When it comes to identifying details of your project, the clearer the better.

Step 2: Have or not have an idea for the music

It's totally okay to want to give the music composer liberty to design something that reflects your brand. He/she will probably ask you more questions regarding the brand or product.

At the same time, if you have an idea of what you would like the music to sound like, that's great too! But remember, ideas in our head may sound very abstract to others. Use of specific words and descriptions of the mood or genre will help. A lot of times, people also make use of music reference tracks to convey their ideas.

Step 3: Look for a music production studio or music composer

Look for a professional music production studio or music composer online or ask for recommendations. Share what you've got in the previous 2 steps.

Regardless of the source, remember to always ask for past sample works. Everyone has a different 'sound' and some composers may be more skilled in a certain type of music than others. By asking for samples you will give yourself a good gauge if he or she is fit for your project.

Step 4: Iron out the details

If you think you've got a good fit for your project, congratulations!

Everything should become really straightforward by now. What's left is simply agreeing on the quotation, timeline and deliverables!


Thanks for reading this article. If there are any questions/comments do comment in the box below and let us know :)

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