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The Bespoke Music Difference

Bringing a branding video or campaign to the next level

In a digital space that’s already congested with video content aiming to sell products and brands, companies are consistently trying to come up with new ways to retain audience attention and increase engagement. Chances are, most of the ‘new’ ways already exist. The key then, would not be to change anything, but rather, optimize the existing elements in any video or campaign. One of the subtle and often under-looked ways is to look into the choice of music. 

People Playing Drums
Small Street in Japan
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Portraying unique brands accurately

using music

It’s all too common seeing branding videos use stock music with an uplifting mood. Other times it’d be a melancholic piano track. However, there are also many brands that are much more unique than that - brands that are inextricably tied to their tradition and heritage, or brands that want to target a certain geographical demographic of people. In these scenarios, will a generic music track with a generic mood suffice? 

For Asian localization and globalization campaigns 

At Studio Two-Three, we combine modern music production with an array of ethnic instrumentation to potentially create any genre in between. This is great for localization campaigns and well as for local brands looking to globalize. With bespoke music, there’s no more hassle of going through hundreds of music tracks and not finding anything suitable.


By infusing a distinct Southeast Asian flavour and traditional folk tune into the music, here’s how we helped a client accurately portray their tradition and heritage along the Singapore River: 


Bespoke Music for

Art & Installations

Dark Warrior

Bespoke Music for Games

Abstract Portrait


Sound Design

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